Critical Laws of Using Technology to Grow Your Business

Critical Laws of Using Technology to Grow Your Business

Why a Visionary Always Needs an Implementer, Especially When Building a New Home

Christina Watkins

In life, there are two different types of people – the dreamer and the doer. While this may be a sweeping generalisation, you may identify with this to a certain extent as you love to create ideas and concepts but are not too keen on doing the actual work to bring them to fruition. This can be fine, so long as you bring in other people who like to do the detailed work and it's definitely the type of approach you should take if you're planning the build of a new home. You may have really big ideas for this house, but why do you need the help of drafting services to draft a formal plan before you begin?

You Need a Team

A good team will typically be composed of visionaries and implementers and while you are certainly one of the former, you need somebody who can temper your enthusiasm and make sure that you have thought about your future needs during the design. You will need to have some flexibility in your plans to avoid any restrictions caused by a lack of forethought and make sure you can renovate your property if needed.


When you employ the services of a drafting expert, they will help you to plan a comprehensive document that includes floor plans, elevations and sectionals. It will also include detailed specifications that contractors will follow when they get to work. You will be able to see these plans in three dimensions, so nothing is left to the imagination.

Being Realistic?

You should tell the experts what you have in mind and make sure you don't leave anything out as you outline your vision. They will be able to identify any limitations and steer you in another direction if needed so that when the plan is finalised, you won't come up against any nasty surprises.

The Crystal Ball

Just think about your needs some time in the future and especially if you intend to live in this home for the long term. Do you have a family already or will you plan to start one? Will you need to add an extension to care for an elderly relative, or do you need to think about your own needs during retirement and especially if mobility should be an issue? Remember, versatility and flexibility are the key words here.

Taking the Helm

You must be prepared to make a decision and come down on one side of the fence or another, however. By all means, listen to the drafting experts and feedback from contractors, but you will need to decide on the ultimate direction once you've taken everything into consideration.


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Critical Laws of Using Technology to Grow Your Business

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